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How to Keep Perspective During a Mixing Session

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If we’re not careful, a mix can be like a black hole. Learn to maintain perspective during the most challenging mixes. Click to read on SonicScoop

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A Smart Way and a Dumb Way to Build a Recording Studio

Justin Colletti. What an ego!

I’ve seen a lot of studios succeed, and a lot of studios go out of business. Read about it on my blog.

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If you go around searching for bad music…

Justin Colletti. What an ego!

…You will find it. Read the whole post on Justin’s blog.

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Recording Retreats: Pilot Recording Studios, Berkshire County in Western MA

Until 2007, Will Schillinger’s Pilot Recording Studios operated out of Chelsea, a now-gentrified New York City neighborhood that sits just below Hell’s Kitchen and the old Garment District. It closed after many other big Manhattan studio did. Today, the new Pilot Recording occupies a beautiful old church building in Housatonic, Massachusetts – a small town […]

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Local Recording Scenes: Machines with Magnets Attracts NYC Musicians to Providence, RI


About 5 minutes outside of the center of Providence, Rhode Island, there’s an old industrial mill town called Pawtucket. In the past decade it’s turned into a local center for arts, culture, and rock n’ roll. Local Venue/Recording Studio/Art Gallery, Machines with Magnets has become something of a destination. Read more about Machines with Magnets […]

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NYC Indie Labels: Kanine Records

It’s been ten years since Lio and Kay Kanine put out their first release: a compilation of 20 undiscovered bands, most of them from Brooklyn, titled NY: The Next Wave. Lio Kanine (then known by his real name, Lio Cerezo) had landed a job with the indie distributor Alternative Distribution Alliance not long after moving […]

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InputOutput Podcast: The Ian MacKaye Interview

As a member of seminal hardcore punk bands The Teen Idles, Minor Threat and Fugazi, and a founder of the pioneering indie label, Dischord Records, Ian MacKaye led a musical movement out of Washington, D.C. in the early 80s that continues to ignite and inspire bands all over the world. With Dischord as its engine, […]

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Audio School: Boutique Recording Programs and Workshops

Back when I entered the audio program at SUNY Purchase around the turn of the millennium, a bachelor’s degree in “Studio Production” still seemed like something of a novel concept. Since then, enrollments for both 4-year and short-term programs in this once-niche market appear to have exploded nationwide. Occasionally, engineers will gripe about the numbers […]

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Destination Studio: Old Soul Studios, Catskill, NY

Back in 1995, Kenny Siegal was living in New York City, working out of a personal studio in DUMBO, long before that neighborhood had turned into the chichi business district it is today. His studio at the time was a subterranean lair, deep in the basement of 68 Jay Street, part of a space that […]

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Beyond the Basics: Harmonic Motion and the Root of All Music

Music is a rare kind of art form that is made entirely out of vibration. It’s at once both ephemeral and yet inherently physical. We will never be able to reach out and grab it in our hands, but it certainly touches us in the most literal sense of that word. If you’re feeling poetic, […]

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