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Drum Recording VIDEO: Overhead Mics Compared


This month, we’re happy to announce the launch of a new series on drum mic techniques with our partners over at SonicScoop. We filmed this one at Strange Weather Brooklyn, using microphones provided by Sennheiser. In this episode, you’ll learn about (and hear) some of the most popular and flexible overhead mic placements in history, […]

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Beyond The Basics: Sidechain Compression

If you read SonicScoop, chances are you already know a thing or two about compressors. You’re probably already familiar with basic controls like your threshold, which allows you to set the point at which a compressor “kicks in”, and your ratio, which allows you to adjust the amount of compression you’ll get. Early on into […]

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Beyond the Basics: Harmonic Motion and the Root of All Music

Music is a rare kind of art form that is made entirely out of vibration. It’s at once both ephemeral and yet inherently physical. We will never be able to reach out and grab it in our hands, but it certainly touches us in the most literal sense of that word. If you’re feeling poetic, […]

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Analog Analogs: Approximating Vintage Sounds In the Box

Universal Audio's Ampex ATR-102 Emulation

For many, the age of digital audio is also an age of analog nostalgia. Despite the ever-increasing quality of digital audio systems, all those decades of listening to the non-linearities of tubes, transformers, and tape have biased our ears in favor of older, more colored, and more costly recording methods. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer of […]

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The Science of Sample Rates (When Higher Is Better — And When It Isn’t)

Courtesy of Flickr user mikecogh

One of the most hotly—and perhaps unnecessarily—debated topics in the world of audio is the one that surrounds digital sample rates. It seems an unlikely topic for polarization, but for more than 10 years, the same tired arguments have been batted about by each side with almost unrelenting intensity. At the fringes, advocates of either […]

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Acoustic Treatment for the Small Studio

As high-quality audio gear becomes ever more affordable, software emulations nip at the heels of some of the most coveted audio hardware, and much of the basic knowledge of the audio field becomes widely disseminated through the web, professional studios still offer more than a few major benefits. The first among them is the skill […]

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How to Fix Common Audio/Video Sync Problems

In the early days of motion picture, audio sync was easy: There wasn’t any. When you’re dealing with silent films, you have plenty of room to play fast and loose with frame rates. The first hand-cranked cameras used in the industry could shoot footage at rates anywhere from 16 to 18 frames per second; there […]

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How To Recover Flood-Damaged Audio Gear


Joel Hamilton was in his old studio in the American Midwest when the great floods of 1993 hit: “I watched, personally, with a flashlight in my teeth, as the meter bridge of my console went under water.” “It was incredible – They were the kinds of floods that people read about in National Geographic. When […]

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Beyond the Basics: Demystifying dB

At first glance, the decibel might seem like an oddly fundamental topic for a series called “Beyond The Basics.” But in practice, the average audio engineer’s understanding of decibels and how they work is often shaky at best. Granted, you don’t need to fully understand dB to make great-sounding records. But it can never hurt to […]

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Soundproofing the Small Studio


For one reason or another, whether it’s for culture, commerce or community, people all around the world have huddled closer to one another with every passing year. In 1900, fewer than 40% of Americans lived in and around urban areas. By the year 2000, that portion had nearly doubled, and today roughly 80% of Americans […]

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