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Music in 5.1 Dimensions: How the Best Surround Mixers Approach the Soundstage


Surround sound made its first public appearance in 1941, when Disney released its groundbreaking animated musical, Fantasia. Ever since then, surround systems have increasingly been used to enhance the emotional impact of films (which George Lucas has famously, and accurately, declared are “50% sound.”) In the mid 1990s, a small but meaningful mass market for […]

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Drum Recording VIDEO: Overhead Mics Compared


This month, we’re happy to announce the launch of a new series on drum mic techniques with our partners over at SonicScoop. We filmed this one at Strange Weather Brooklyn, using microphones provided by Sennheiser. In this episode, you’ll learn about (and hear) some of the most popular and flexible overhead mic placements in history, […]

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Studio Skillset: The Care, Feeding and Selection of a Studio Piano

Until the home piano was overtaken by the home stereo (and now the home studio), it stood as one of the most complex, engaging and rewarding musical devices ever made. Get to know more about their care and construction in this installment of Studio Skillset. A good recording engineer should know at least a bit […]

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The Quirky Habits of Great Mixers

Anyone who has worked on enough records knows that it’s not the tools that make a great mix, but the way that they’re used. And in a day and age where great-sounding gear has become something of a commodity – an assumed baseline rather than a unique and unusual selling point – the benefits of […]

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How To Win the Loudness War

Recorded music has been getting louder over for the past few decades. So much louder in fact, that everyday-listeners have begun to hear about it in general-interest papers like the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, the Huffington Post, and even the New York Times. As records have increased in average level, so has the chatter […]

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Guitar and Bass Setups Part 2: Intonation

Last week, we learned how to quickly and easily diagnose and correct basic issues in the guitar’s neck, immediately improving playability and tone. Join us again this week as we zero in on the bridge to fix the intonation issues that drive listeners crazy. INTONATION An appropriately rickety-sounding guitar can fit perfectly in the right […]

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Studio Skillset – Guitar and Bass Setups Part 1: Neck Adjustment and Action

A well set-up guitar or bass is a joy to play and to record. But a poorly looked-after instrument can bring a tracking date to a grind. This week, learn how to save a session with a pocketful of Allen wrenches. Aside from bad playing, nothing can rob a guitar or bass of its tone […]

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Studio Skillset: Drum Tuning Essentials

Great drum sounds start with great-sounding drums. Today, we have more tools than ever to aid us in creating compelling drums sounds. So why is it still so rare and startlingly satisfying to hear great-sounding drum recordings? The truth is that few drummers (and even fewer engineers) have developed a sense for tuning drums to […]

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