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Inside The Great Stalacpipe Organ: The World’s Largest Instrument

The Great Stalacpipe Organ

In 1954, on his 5th birthday, Robert Sprinkle was given a choice by his father, Leland Sprinkle: have a traditional birthday party, or take a tour of one of Virginia’s most famous caves, Luray Caverns. Robert chose the cave tour, and soon the Sprinkle family descended below the surface of the small town of Luray […]

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The Best Electric Basses for the Recording Studio

It’s hard to make a great pop song without a great bass line, and it’s hard to do a great bass line justice without a great bass sound. The bass often serves as the soul and the spine of a record, and if it’s not right, nothing is. Although the vast majority of tone lies […]

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Review: IK Multimedia iLoud

Audio technology has become less expensive, more transparent, more powerful and more portable. Perhaps it’s about time that consumer-focused systems started to catch up with professional ones. The new iLoud by IK Multimedia ($299) is one attempt to bring studio-quality sound to consumers, musicians and hobbyists while providing features that are relevant to many of […]

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Drum Mic Techniques, Part III: Placing Room Mics


Get off those laptop speakers and switch your video stream to HD. We’re back for the 3rd installment in our new series on drum mic techniques. This video takes place at Strange Weather Brooklyn, and is filmed by Elias Gwinn of Velidoxi and the recording studio documentary series, “Masters From Their Day.” (If you haven’t […]

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A Brief History of Popular Home Recordings

For recording musicians of my generation, the first experience of turning a dual cassette deck stereo into a multi-track recording device, by dubbing the output of one deck to the input of the other while playing a new instrument through the stereo’s mic/line input, was a bit like sorcery. Sure, the original Casio drumbeat is […]

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2013 New Audio Gear Reviews!

Avid S6 In person

This year, you’ve got not one but two ways to check out an overview of all the best new recording, mixing and audio gear from 2013. First, peruse a list of highlights from the 2013 AES convention in NYC. Then, join Geoff and Eli of the Input Output Podcast as they go in depth on […]

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Picking Your Plectrum: An Audio Comparison of Odd and Unusual Guitar Picks

This is a guest post by guitarist and composer Rich Bennett Keys to the Kingdom In an expectant moment before my first guitar lesson, I quickly grabbed a pick out of the tin at the front desk of my local music store. I can’t be sure if it was a Fender, Dava, Peavey, whether it […]

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Update on “The Golden Ear Challenge”: Who Will Conquer Audio Mount Everest?

Last month, we issued “The Golden Ear Challenge”: Our promise to write a glowing, feature-length article about whoever becomes the first person on record to show he or she can reliably hear an improvement offered by any super-high-resolution file format under properly controlled conditions. So far, this prize remains unclaimed. Although I have my doubts […]

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Make Your Own Gear: An Introduction to DIY Recording Equipment

A few years, ago Peterson Goodwyn of was living in Milwaukee, WI, perhaps an unlikely place to pursue his dream of becoming a recording engineer. Today, he’s putting out easy, introductory-level DIY audio kits, and runs one of the most comprehensive databases of open source DIY kits on the web. Read more about […]

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Think You Have Golden Ears? Take the Scientist Challenge!

Take the Scientist Challenge: If you can reliably hear a difference between either CD or 320kbps mp3 and any higher resolution format, (and prove it!) we will publish a glowing, feature-length article about you. Whenever we write about subjects like bit depth, sample rates, high resolution mp3s, or the quality of contemporary audio technology, we […]

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