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Reviews of recording equipment and musical instruments.

The Best Snare Drums For The Recording Studio

It’s no overstatement to say that a good snare sound is essential to the backbone of almost any kind of pop record – whether that means hip hop, country, speed metal, R&B, punk rock, psychedelia, shoegaze, adult contemporary, jazz or straight up rock n’ roll. So every recording studio should have at least a couple […]

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Plugin Review: iZotope Trash 2

Today’s audio processors tend to fall into two broad categories: Those that try to recreate the past, and those that tire of it. iZotope’s new Trash 2 plugin falls squarely in that second camp. iZotope released the original Trash plugin in back in 2003, and it was marketed as a multi-band distortion unit. The new […]

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New Technology Highlights from AES 2012

The AES Convention has always been a time for new product announcements, and this year was no different. Although there were markedly fewer exhibitors this year than usual, almost all of the companies that did show up seemed to be announcing new tools, which ranged from the practical to the idealistic to the downright unexpected. […]

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Plugin Roundups: Workhorse Compressors and Frequency Analyzers

This month, we wrote two plugin roundups and published them first on SonicScoop. Click to read all about Alternative Workhorse Compressors and Frequency Analyzers and Metering Tools.

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InputOutput Audio Review: UA Apollo vs. World-Class Recording Studio

In the latest installment of Input|Output, Geoff and Eli put the Universal Audio Apollo up against a world-class studio with vintage Neve 8068 console and classic Studer 827 tape machine, to see if the two could possibly compare. Click here to download our entire episode, including audio samples and our analysis, on SonicScoop.

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The Big List of Free Pro Tools Plugins

For a long time, it’s been easy to find a whole world of free VST and AU plugins on the web. But for users of Pro Tools – arguably the most popular professional DAW in the U.S. – pickings have always been a bit slimmer. Due to Avid’s exacting standards, fewer plugins have been written […]

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Plugin Review: The PSP BussPressor

PSPaudioware is an unassuming little plugin developer based in Poland. Their marketing materials are slim, they lack the pervasive press coverage of the largest brands, and they keep their GUIs plain and efficient and their prices low. But despite their boutique size and project-studio pricepoints, I’m consistently surprised to find that PSP is making some […]

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The Next Generation of Drum Replacers

Drum replacement – or at least drum augmentation – has been part of recorded music since as early as the 1960s, when Phil Spector took to layering live percussion instruments to help create his “Wall of Sound.” It’s a basic technique that only become more prevalent and sophisticated as specialized tools become cheaper, faster and […]

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The Best Extreme and Unusual Compressor Plugins

For years there have been plenty of compressors plugins on the market that offer tremendously clean and transparent dynamic control. Later on came countless emulations of the classics, which seem have to become progressively more convincing with each iteration. But what about compressors that offer something a little more extreme and out-of-the-ordinary? Sure, a Fairchild […]

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A Guide to Popular Studio Headphones


Headphones are more popular now than ever – And today’s music fans aren’t just listening on cheap earbuds. Although the consumer audio sector didn’t perform particularly well in the great recession, Hi-Fi headphones were the one category to boldly defy that trend. While the rest of the market dropped by 14% sales of headphones grew […]

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