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A profile and interview series with people who build music-making gear in and around NYC.

Empirical Labs, an Analog Leader, Moves “Furiously” into Digital

Dave Derr, designer of the instant-classic analog Distressor, says his high-end audio company is ready to move “furiously” and “excitedly” into the digital domain. Dave Derr of Empirical Labs got his start in audio as an analog man at a digital company, testing circuit components for Eventide Electronics’ breakthrough hit, the H3000 UltraHarmonizer. When he […]

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Made in NY: Awesome Channel Amplifier

“If you dig the sound of old 1970’s records, you are listening to the sound of an entire console. A discrete preamplifier design is just one element,” says Dave Raphael, designer for the “Awesome Transistor Amplifier Company” (AwTAC) Click here to read more about the Awesome Channel Amplifier’s “console-in-a-box” approach on SonicScoop.

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NYC Indie Labels: Luaka Bop

Those who have only a passing familiarity with Luaka Bop are likely to think of it as “David Byrne’s World Music Label.” While this may be a useful shorthand, it fails to tell the full story of an imprint that’s focused on finding music that would have no other natural home. When I talked to […]

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Vinyl Revival: Brooklyn Phono

There’s a record-making resurgence in Brooklyn – and the world. According to Nielsen Soundscan, sales of vinyl records rose by a shocking 39% in 2011 to reach totals of nearly 4 million. And those are just the conservative estimates – Soundscan’s rankings only include barcode sales at retail outlets. The RIAA says that even after […]

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The Senator Compressor by Origin Point Audio

Joel Scheuneman (Manhattan Center Studios) teams up with Jimmy Douglass (Timbaland, Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, Gang Of Four) to design a stereo compressor built for powerful, adaptable dynamic control. Joel Scheuneman has always been a tinkerer. As a teenager, he was the type of kid who would fix your busted boombox for fun. Today, he’s […]

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Classic New York Gear: The Eventide H3000 UltraHarmonizer

Just over a month ago, we took a snapshot of Eventide at age 40. This story followed the paths of founder Richard Factor and Director Tony Agnello from the company’s infancy through to the present day, focusing on their earliest designs, as well as their latest releases. What we didn’t have room for was a […]

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Made In NY: Ronin Applied Sciences

One of the most crowded booths at the year’s AES convention was also one of its smallest. Almost everything about these few dozen square feet, nestled deep in back rows of the trade-show floor, was memorable: From the single microphone on display, to the rigid black business cards, to the perpetual queue of onlookers, and […]

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Fink Analog Audio

From a distance, you might mistake Dennis Fink for a trucker, a contractor, or a retired lumberjack. He’s a tall bear of a man who wears clean, faded blue jeans and beat-up work boots, with a thick shock of grey-blond hair that reaches his collar. If you never had the chance to speak to him, […]

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Eventide Turns 40 (And Turns A Corner As Well)

When the founders of Eventide attended their first AES Convention, they brought along “a fanciful aggregation of ‘products’ [they] were unable to demonstrate due to the complete lack of any internal electronic components”.  This year, they return for their fortieth as one of the most recognizable and long-lived names in professional audio. They also have […]

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Made in NY: Tech 21

It’s easy to forget just how novel the concept of amp simulation was when Andrew Barta launched Tech 21. In many ways, his inaugural SansAmp pedal was an unprecedented design. It was a stompbox that was more interested in helping players sculpt a tone than in delivering a discernible “effect.” And in an era when […]

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